Kiss-Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets with Cricut

Jul 19, 2023
how to make kiss cut stickers with cricut machine

Stickers are a universal love. We enjoy them as adults, kids do too, and they're an amazing way to personalize anything from your laptop to your planner. If you've ever dreamed of creating custom stickers, the Cricut is an incredible tool that makes it possible. Specifically, we'll focus on making kiss-cut sticker sheets, which are stickers cut through only the top layer of vinyl, leaving the backing intact. This type of sticker is easy to peel off and apply. 


If you’d like to learn about making die-cut stickers, which is when the Cricut cuts through the backing layer, leaving a standalone sticker that can be handed out individually before peeling from the backing, click here. 


Materials You'll Need

Step 1: Design Your Stickers

Begin by designing your stickers. You can do this using any graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or even Canva. Once completed, save your designs in PNG or JPEG format. If you're using multiple designs, you can arrange them into a sheet layout to maximize space.

Step 2: Import Your Designs into Cricut Design Space

Open Cricut Design Space, create a new project, and click "Upload" to import your sticker design. Upload your image and select the "Complex" option for image type to preserve the maximum amount of detail.

During the next step, Cricut Design Space's "Select & Erase" tool allows you to remove the background from your sticker design, if it's not already transparent. Once you're happy with the result, select "Save as Print then Cut image".

Drag your uploaded designs onto the canvas, resize them as necessary, and arrange them in the best way to save your sticker paper.

Step 3: Print Your Sticker Designs

Once your design is ready, click on "Make It" in the top right corner. Check the preview to ensure that everything is as you want it, and then select "Continue".

You'll be prompted to send your design to the printer. Ensure that your sticker paper or vinyl is loaded into your printer correctly, then select "Print".

Optional: If you want your stickers to have a glossy finish and be a bit more durable, you can apply a clear sticker laminating sheet to your printed sticker sheet now.

Step 4: Prepare Your Cricut Maker

Place your printed sticker sheet onto a StandardGrip mat, aligning the top left corner of your sheet with the top left corner of your mat.

In the Cricut Design Space, select your Cricut Maker as the device you're cutting with.

Step 5: Cut Your Stickers

For material settings, search and select "Sticker Paper" if you're using a laminated sheet, or "sticky note" or “washi” if not laminated.

Load your mat into the Cricut Maker, aligning the mat between the mat guides and pressing the Load/Unload button. Then press the flashing "Go" button to start the cut.

The Cricut Maker will begin by scanning the black lines around your stickers (also known as registration marks), then proceed to cut each sticker.

Step 6: Unload and Finish

Once the Cricut Maker has finished cutting, press the Load/Unload button to release the mat. Peel off the unused area of the sticker sheet first, which should leave your stickers on the mat. Then, peel off your stickers - if done correctly, the backing should remain, creating perfect kiss-cut stickers.

Congratulations! You have now created your custom kiss-cut sticker sheet. With this skill, you can create personalized stickers for your business, for school, or just for fun. The possibilities are endless when you have the power of the Cricut Maker at your fingertips. Enjoy the process and happy crafting!


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