15 Fall Cricut Projects to Make and Sell

Sep 05, 2023
15 fall cricut projects to make and sell this holiday season from matching thanksgiving shirts to diy halloween decor. These fall cricut projects are guaranteed to boost your cricut business. Fun cricut halloween ideas.

Are you looking for some creative Cricut projects to make and sell this fall? Whether you’re a crafty beginner or an experienced maker, this post is perfect for you! We’ve gathered up 15  amazing fall Cricut projects that are perfect to make and sell. From home decor to apparel, stickers, and more, these Cricut ideas will help you make the most of this season. I even went the extra mile & attached ready to go fall SVG files for your crafts. Keep reading to find some creative inspiration for your fall Cricut projects!


1) Decorate Your Home with These Cozy Fall DIY Crafts

Get ready to add some cozy and festive touches to your home with these fall Cricut crafts! . Whether it's vinyl decals for pumpkins, custom throw pillows, or personalized signs, these Cricut projects will help you transform your space into a fall haven. So grab your Cricut machine and get ready to craft your way to a beautifully decorated home this season! Create the cutest throw pillow with this hello fall SVG !


2) Create Unique Fall Shirts and Sweatshirts


Fall is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with some unique and festive shirts and sweatshirts. With the help of your Cricut machine, you can easily create custom fall designs that celebrate the season. From matching thanksgiving shirts to cozy fall phrases, to representing football season, the possibilities are endless! So grab some blank shirts, your Cricut machine, and let your creativity soar! 

Click here for a game-day” SVG to celebrate football season OR rock the cutest sweatshirt with thisHey Boo” SVG. 


3) Make Adorable Fall Baby Clothes

Are you a proud parent or grandparent looking to dress up your little one in the cutest fall outfits? With the help of your Cricut machine, you can create adorable fall baby clothes that will make everyone "ooh" and "ahh". From onesies with cute pumpkin designs to Halloween-themed shirts, the options are endless. Get creative with your cricut halloween projects and DIY fall decor, and design one-of-a-kind outfits that will keep your baby stylish and cozy all season long. Whether you're making clothes for your own bundle of joy or looking to sell them, these cricut fall projects will definitely melt hearts.

 Fall Hand Drawn Pumpkin SVG


4) Sell Cute Fall Tote Bags

If you're looking for a trendy and profitable fall craft project, selling cute fall tote bags is a great option. With the help of your Cricut machine, you can create custom designs that are perfect for the season. Whether it's adorable pumpkin designs or spooky Halloween themes, these DIY fall tote bags will be a hit with customers. Use high-quality materials and vibrant Cricut vinyl designs to make your creations stand out

Create the tote bag of the season with this whatever spices your pumpkin latte SVG 

5) Design Trendy Fall Face Masks

Stay safe and stylish this fall with trendy face masks designed using your Cricut machine! With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect time to create unique masks that match your festive spirit. From spooky designs to fall-themed patterns, let your creativity shine with these DIY Halloween decor projects. Use vibrant Cricut vinyl designs to add a touch of flair to your face masks and stand out from the crowd.

Fall Vibes SVG 

6) Personalize Your Own Fall Mugs

 If you're a fan of sipping warm beverages on chilly fall days, then personalizing your own fall mugs is the perfect DIY project for you! With your Cricut machine, you can create custom designs that celebrate the season and add a touch of cozy to your morning routine. From cute pumpkin designs to spooky Halloween themes, let your creativity shine as you design your own fall-inspired mugs. Whether you're making them for yourself or as gifts, these DIY Halloween decor projects will definitely bring some charm to your beverage of choice. So grab your Cricut machine and get ready to sip in style!

Leopard Print Pumpkin SVG

Spooky Vibes SVG


7) Personalized Monogram Pumpkins

 Looking to add a personalized touch to your fall decor? Try creating DIY Vinyl Monogram Pumpkins with your Cricut machine! These adorable pumpkins make a stylish and festive addition to any home. Use your Cricut to cut out vinyl monograms in various fonts and colors, and then apply them to pumpkins of your choice. Monogram pumpkins are a great way to showcase your creativity and boost your income this fall. 


8) Offer Fun Fall Stickers

Looking to add a touch of autumnal flair to your crafts and products? Consider offering fun fall stickers! These versatile decals can be used on a variety of surfaces, from notebooks and water bottles to laptops and phone cases. Create designs featuring pumpkins, leaves, or Halloween-themed graphics to cater to the season. Fall stickers are a great way to add a festive touch to your customers' belongings and make their day a little brighter. 

“ Boo to You” Mickey SVG

9) Make Customizable Fall Notepads 

When it comes to fall stationery, the possibilities are endless! With your Cricut machine, you can create customizable fall-themed notepads. Whether you want to add a touch of autumn to your own stationery collection or create personalized gifts for friends and family, this project is perfect for showcasing your creativity. You can also add pumpkin-shaped sticky notes and leaf-shaped bookmarks, to add to your fall stationery bundle.  Get ready to impress with your custom fall notepads and bring some cozy vibes to everyone's daily routines. 

 Fall hand drawn pumpkin SVG 

“ Fall Vibes” SVG


10) Create Charming Fall Greeting Cards

Want to send heartfelt greetings to your loved ones this fall? Why not create charming fall greeting cards with your Cricut machine! From autumn-themed designs to adorable pumpkins and leaves, you can add a personal touch to your cards and make them extra special. Whether it's for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or just to spread some fall cheer, these handmade cards are sure to warm the hearts of those who receive them. 

Fall Vibes SVG

11) Decorate Your Front Porch with Fall Signage

Transform your front porch into a charming fall oasis with the help of fall signage created using your Cricut machine. From welcoming signs to festive banners, adding fall-themed signage to your porch is a simple and affordable way to showcase your seasonal spirit. Whether you opt for traditional autumn colors or incorporate fun Halloween elements, these eye-catching signs will surely impress your guests and neighbors.

Spooky Season Elements SVG 


12) Offer Unique Fall Keychains

If you're looking for a unique and profitable fall craft project, offering fall keychains is a fantastic option. With your Cricut machine, you can create custom designs that capture the essence of the season. Whether it's adorable pumpkin keychains, leaf-shaped designs, or Halloween-themed charms, the possibilities are endless. These fall keychains are perfect for accessorizing bags, backpacks, or even keys, and they make great gifts for friends and family.


13) Design Autumn-Themed Party Favors

Planning a fall-themed party? Don't forget the party favors! Designing autumn-themed party favors using your Cricut machine is a great way to add a personalized touch to your event. Whether it's custom mini pumpkins, leaf-shaped keychains, or cute treat bags with fall designs, your guests will be delighted by these unique and thoughtful gifts. Get creative with your Cricut and let the autumn spirit shine through in your party favors. It's the perfect way to leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your event even more memorable. 

Trick or Treat Yo'self Fall Halloween SVG


14) Make Festive Fall Wreaths

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere this fall with festive fall wreaths made using your Cricut machine. From traditional autumnal designs to spooky Halloween wreaths, there are endless possibilities to showcase your creativity. Incorporate vibrant fall foliage, cute pumpkins, or even spooky spiders to capture the essence of the season. Hang these beautiful wreaths on your front door or use them as stunning wall decor. No matter how you choose to display them,  fall wreaths will add a touch of charm to any space.  

15) Customize Cute Fall Phone Cases

Looking to add a touch of fall flair to your phone? Customize cute fall phone cases using your Cricut machine! From pumpkin designs to autumn-themed patterns, you can create unique phone cases that perfectly capture the spirit of the season. Show off your creativity and style while protecting your phone in style. Whether you're making them for yourself or looking to sell them, these personalized phone cases are sure to make a statement this fall. 

Spooky Season Pumpkins SVG 

These 15 fall Cricut projects are the perfect way to unleash your creativity and make some extra income this season. Whether you're decorating your home, designing unique clothing, or creating personalized gifts, there's something for everyone in this list. Embrace the festive spirit of fall and let your Cricut machine bring your ideas to life.


Happy crafting and selling :)

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